Ultra light visors, perfectly sterilizable with any substance and by any method (including chlorine or boiling), reusable, foldable

From professionals to professionals

It does not deform the smiles but it can cause them.

Ergonomic design, with multiple adjustments on height, depth, grip strap, distance to the forehead, air flow.

Without elements that can yield, detach or become the culture for microorganisms.

They can be worn with a cap, glasses, do not get bored and do not promote perspiration like those with a sponge layer on the forehead

Produced with pride in Craiova, Romania, with laser technology.

Ultra lightweight

To find out more about FaceShield ultra-light visor and for orders contact our Medfarm Craiova EXCLUSIVE distributor by email: pharma.holding@yahoo.com

Why industrial design for FaceShield?

Because there was an urgent need.

Because we have long experience in industrial design. The tests were done together with group of professionals. We had instant positive feedback.

In situations of major crisis the detachment of a sponge, the detachment of a staple or a velcro tape from a craft visor make the product unusable and can make the difference..

FaceShield visors have been designed to be repaired as on the first line of attack – they cannot be easily broken by hand but if something breaks there are additional clamping holes that allow instant repositioning or bonding and further use.

The minimalist design consist in only 4 non-allergenic laser cut pieces and an elastic band.

FaceShield – visors for professionals

The FaceShield visor were designed with professionals in mind . It is NOT a medical device.

Personal use – popular all over the world

Although FaceShield protective visors were designed for work program professionals and now visors have become extremely popular all over the world.

And that’s because, first of all, it prevents us from involuntarily touching our face when we travel outside.

Respect strictly all official decisions during this period.

Stay inside, with your soul out. And you help. At least with a good thought.

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The purpose

The aim was to obtain the most efficient design that could be produced instantly in in emergency situations.

We have available versions that can be worn with a cap.

  • not sensing their presence
  • it's weight should be insignificant (there are heavier glasses)
  • not to impede the visibility through steam, considering that they will be used in stressful conditions
  • to be made from the clearest material not the cheapest (90% of the visors are made of PVC and unfortunately now some people take advantage instead of helping)
  • not to be allergenic
  • to have complete freedom of movement
  • to be perfectly adaptable to any cranial conformation
  • to be reusable
  • be foldable to give you space to breath and be handled with minimal risk of contamination (no need to use both hands to remove it temporary)
  • to be perfectly and quickly sterilizable
  • be as invisible as possible, less invasive, so as not to increase the stress level of the interlocutor
  • to be extremely accessible
  • it can be produced in a few seconds in order to allow mass production
  • to have a low transport cost with minimum volume required
  • to allow impromptu emergency repairs
  • be as less obvious as possible so as not to increase the feeling of panic
  • have an attractive design
  • it can be produced immediately, in emergency situations, with limited resources
  • and a subjective reason (most important) - it could be produced on equipment we had in the showroom because an emergency situation had to be resolved immediately

Technical details

Materials and design

The #FaceShield visors are made exclusively of PET or PET-G. This material has the enormous advantage in pandemic or disaster situations that it can be sterilized by any means. It can be boiled at 100C, it can be disinfected with Liquid Chlorine or any other disinfectant, it can be UV sterilized.

Our visors have been designed to be less invasive, you can breathe freely, you can reduce them without touching the whole head. They are not embarrassing to the ear, they are perfectly adaptable according to their appearance and sex, they unload the weight of 55 / 75 grams on the neck and not hanging from the forehead.

We do NOT offer #FaceShield visors as medical devices because they are not. They should be disinfected and sterilized before each use.

WARNING. We do not recommend PVC or acrylic materials!

We understand the desperation and the need for a transparent shield in front of the face, but you must know some important things.

The overwhelming majority of the visors on the market are made of PVC because it is a cheap material but PVC cannot be disinfected with liquid chlorine or UV radiation because it is severely affected, it becomes fragile and non-transparent. It does not offer high transparency or abrasion resistance and is brittle. Similar problems also present acrylic materials which, in addition, crack disinfected with alcohol over 65 degrees.

There are also PVC visors or very solid acrylic materials intended for protection against particles resulting from cuts or grinding. They have several hundred grams in exchange and they will hang hard over time. They are not ergonomic, they are tiring, and many, especially the craft ones, will have a short life. Many are frustratingly resting on the nose, are assembled with double glue that will leave them after a while, most have sponges on the forehead (the walls have open structure – water retention – so they are ideal for microorganism cultures and almost impossible to sterilize). 


#FaceShield visors are marketed by distributors.


  1. Farmacia Medfarm 1 Craiova, str. Tabaci nr. 22
  2. Farmacia Medfarm 2 – Bd. 1 Mai

Both are in the immediate vicinity of the Craiova County Clinical Hospital.


The COMPASS team thanks you for everythinga transparent


To find out more about FaceShield PROFESIONAL and for orders contact us by email at: faceshieldromania@gmail.com